• Vacuum and sweep all floor
  • Clean refrigerator of all magnets, photos, papers and finger prints
  • Remove all items from counter tops except (a decorative item is ok)
  • Hide/remove trash cans and pet dishes.
  • Make beds, remove items from dresser and nightstand tops, hide garbage cans
  • Put away laundry baskets and make sure all clothes and toys are put away
  • Remove items from shower/bathtub such as shampoo, soap and washcloths (kitchen area as well)
  • Make sure any burned out bulbs are replaced
  • Remove boxes

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Interior & Exterior Price Sheet


Real Estate | Interior and Exterior

New Construction





Sky Swap $ 10/ Image

Turnaround Time

-Businesses can expect to receive their photos no more than 48 hours after the session via email, private image gallery.   

-You will be billed prior to gallery viewing. Images are to be paid before access to download.

-Instructions will be sent to the gallery.

-You will be able to order additional digital images from the client gallery if desired.

Minneapolis/Twin Cities areas within 45 minutes from the photographer's location.

Travel fees may apply to properties in other areas. You will be notified prior to scheduling if any travel fees. 

-Shoots are available Monday - Friday, 10am-3pm 

-Shoots are not available on weekends unless discussed with the photographer. Weekend rates apply.


How you can prepare your listing so that it is ready to be photographed when I arrive...

  • Mow the lawn
  • Rake leaves and makes sure lawn is clear of toys and tools
  • Snow removal in front drive (path to back yard is helpful)
  • Park cars where they cannot be seen
  • Put trash cans where they are not visible
  • Make sure pools or fountains are clean of debris
  • Open umbrellas and set out cushions on chairs (weather permitting)
  • Remove covers from grills or hot tubs and put them away
  • Turn on fountains and water if possible in summer months
  • Remove all holiday decor