Starting May 18th, 2020

I will be offering Cap and Gown Mini Sessions (it's not too late). This session is for both the Senior and the Kindergarten classes of 2020.
Session fee is $100 | 20 minutes with a password protected viewing gallery with 15+ of your retouched images to choose from when placing your order.

 Location can be anywhere that has plenty of outdoor space and that is not crowded.
See COVID-19 Safe Procedures to learn more. 

Starting July 2020

Mini Summer Sessions for families! (keep watching for details)

You can choose to do a number of things with this session. Maybe someone special has a milestone or lost a couple of teeth? This is the perfect time to get that documented! Maybe you didn't get in on that famous front porch getup and feel like you still would like one, heck yes, let's do it!

Let's do it all!!!

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